Ukraine Justice Alliance



The UJA is project-led: we will meet our purpose through a combination of legal projects through which we will explore and support possible legal actions seeking to achieve justice for Ukraine and for Ukrainians.


Since the UJA’s establishment in February 2022, we have been assisting on a wide range of activities in support of Ukraine and Ukrainians, including:


A. Sanctions to Reparations


  • The UJA has commenced work on a research project analysing the relationship between sanctions and reparations.
  • The idea behind the research, at this stage, is to create a legal framework for using property seized pursuant to a sanction as reparation for international wrongs. The framework ultimately could be used to compile a manual of best practice, a statement of international law, or draft principles, which can then be deployed by victims, governments and members of the legal community in several follow up projects.
  • It is intended that the next phase would involve hosting a conference with international legal practitioners and governmental delegates in order to discuss and debate the research with a view that some receptive nations would take the principles forward at a supranational as well as local level.


B. Assisting Ukrainian coalition of psychotherapists and doctors with the establishment of a Charitable Foundation in the UK, aimed at providing psychological support to victims of the war.


If you are interested in learning more about either of these projects, please contact